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Zabina and Imara Collection

Jewelry exclusively designed with Dr. Zabina Bhasin.

Zabina, a loving mother and wife, is also a practicing physician, founder of In KidZ Co ( and co-founder of HappyHer Foundation. We immediately bonded over spreading cultural awareness and empowering women. In KidZ Co is Zabina's passion project in educating others about other cultures and traditions, and it all starts with children. HappyHer, is a non-profit organization for women, by women to support women.

Words fall short of how inspired I am by Zabina. She is a ray of sunshine and truly displays that women can create change. Her daughter, Imara, is an Instagram sensation after sharing that beauty comes from the inside out. She shows hope that the future generation can spread kindness, compassion, and love for one another's differences and similarities. And it is all because her mother, Zabina, is the perfect role model.

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