Bina Necklace
Bina Necklace

Bina Necklace

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Stunning, warm-hearted, an impeccable sense of style and her makeup is always on point, I honestly fall short of words when it comes to Bina Bhatt (find her on Instagram @_binabhatt). This necklace only came to life with her vision and amazing knowledge of stones.

Lapis Lazuli (the blue stones) has so many healing properties, from encouraging self-awareness, to assisting in revealing inner truth and self expression, and bringing honesty and compassion to the personality. The list goes on and one. Working with these stones in creating this necklace definitely healed me in ways I never imagined.

So without further ado, presenting the Bina Necklace, with lapis lazuli stones, a hamsa pendant and cubic zirconia accents, all on a gold filled necklace.

This necklace is PRE-SALE ONLY due to the handwork that goes into creating each individual piece. 

Please include an e-mail address at time of purchase.

Necklace length options:

  • 14 inch
  • 16 inch
  • 18 inch