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Suneeta Rainbow Earrings

Suneeta Rainbow Earrings

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 "Sisters are different flowers from the same garden." - Unknown

This collection, while special like all of the collections here at Umeedh, is seriously a piece of heart, a personal side that I very rarely share. This is the first of four releases, as I have three older sisters. The Sisters Collection is inspired by each of our personalities. We are like pieces of a puzzle. Without one the rest of us seem lost. 

Suneeta, my second eldest sister, is the one we all run to for advice, wise beyond her years, the one who exudes positivity. Her loyal and loving heart is the guiding light to all of us sisters. These earrings are inspired by her graceful style, for bringing color to all of our lives when we are going through difficulties. 

To say I am blessed to have her in my life is a gross understatement. I thank my lucky stars to have her as a sister, a best friend forever. 

I proudly present the Suneeta Rainbow Earrings!

14 karat gold filled studs with multi-colored stones.